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This is the Current Company Roll

Perry Sutherland – Cpt./ Colonel

Company A  
Jamey Wentzky – 1st. Sgt     
William DiMaggio – 2nd. Sgt
Paul Rogers - Cpl.
Chuck Merck II - Cpl.
Sam McGee – Pvt. 
James Cook Jr. – Pvt.
Richard Teal – High Pvt.
John Teal – Pvt. 
Travis McGee – Pvt.
Luke Mavar - Pvt.
Marcus Griffis - Pvt.
Jonathan Hatcher - Pvt.
Jack Bolt - Pvt.
Carson Ammons - Pvt.
Shane Anderson - Pvt.
John Garrard - Pvt.
Katherine Moyer - Pvt.
Kenneth Moyer - Pvt.
Logan Davis - Pvt.
Larry Burnham - Pvt.
Dee Burnham - Pvt.

Provost Marshals

The Bonnie Blues
Lee McGee
Cheryl Teal
Vivian Fore
Marie Sinard
Jessie DiMaggio
Joy Anderson
Kate Jarrard

​McQueen's Battery
Paul Dowdy
Darlene (aka Red) Dowdy
Amy Ray
Keith Lawton
Eddie Killian
Chris Lawton
Vic Rabern
Sam McGee
John Landford
Jacob Pittman(Powder Monkey)
Caleb Pittman( Powder Monkey)
Chip Land
Mark Mills
Mike keller
Shannon Norris