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This is the Current Company Roll

Perry Sutherland – Cpt./ Colonel

Company A  
Jamey Wentzky – 1st. Sgt     
William DiMaggio – 2nd. Sgt
Paul Rogers - Cpl.
Chuck Merck II - Cpl.
Steven Bunce –Cpl.
Jason Corder - Pvt.
Sam McGee – Pvt. 
James Cook Jr. – Pvt.
Edward Kennedy – Pvt.
Zane Junkins – Pvt.
Richard Teal – Pvt.
John Teal – Pvt. 
Travis McGee – Pvt.
Luke Mavar - Pvt.
Luke Barnwell - Pvt.
Marcus Griffis - Pvt.
Jonathan Hatcher - Pvt.
Jack Bolt - Pvt.
James Sample - Pvt.
Case Sample - Pvt.

Provost Marshals
Berlin Owens – Pvt.

The Bonnie Blues
Angie Corder
Lee McGee
Cheryl Teal
Vivian Fore
Dikki Kennedy
Marie Sinard
Jessie DiMaggio
Kris Burton
Melissa Sample